The Chow Chow Club

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The Chow Chow Club

Hon Secretary
Mr J Kirby

Mrs S Stafford

Vice President
Mrs S Jakeman

Mrs S Jakeman        

        Vice Chairman
        Mr J Kirby

Mr M Hardeman

Cup Steward
Mr M Wiggall

Fire Safety Officer
Mr D Bishop


Mr M Hardeman, Mrs S Jakeman, Mr P Law, Mrs J Nattrass, Miss D Phillips, Mr R Stafford, Mrs J Taylor, Mr W & Mrs L Thomas, Mr M Wiggall


Mr D Bishop, Mrs M Butterworth, Ms E Cannon, Mrs S Evans, Ms H Osborn

The Chow Chow Club

The committee at the Chow Chow Club 115th anniversary weekend (11/7/2010)
Back row from left to right : Mr M Wiggall, Mr G Buckley, Mr R Smithson, Mr J Kirby, Ms D Harris, Mrs A Douse, Mr D Lownds, Mr I Shaw, Ms E Cannon, Mr P Holden, Mrs M Butterworth, Mr D Bishop, Mr M Hardeman
Front row from left to right : Mrs A Lownds, Mrs S Jakeman, Mrs S Stafford, Mrs L Gregory

Every year, the members of The Chow Chow Club elect the committee - Download the nomination form here

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The Chow Chow Club
The Chow Chow Club

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The Chow Chow Club